Craft Beer

A couple of years ago most people didn’t really know about the term Craft Beer. By now the extravagant beers have established in our minds.

Thanks to our own brewery Ratsherrn we can always guarantee you a wonderful variety of beer experiences. But that is not enough for us! A lot of things have happened in the beer brewer scene and the beers which were created are definitely worth to be served in our restaurant.

Craft Beers are beers from small breweries. Bottles are partially still being filled by hand and recipes are created with passion, high-quality ingredients and a touch of craziness.

We want to support the talents of the beer brewer scene and we are constantly looking for new interesting beers from regional and international breweries.

Please join us on our journey through the world of beers and we hope that our spark of Craft Beer enthusiasm will also catch up with you.

Brew and let brew…