Welcome to Dolden Mädel


Welcome to Dolden Mädel

Dolden Mädel (Umbel Girls) – Beautiful, angelic women who harvest hops wearing nothing but a fig leaf. They brew our beer in centuries-old tradition while singing and dancing and thus provide an unforgettable drinking experience.
Whoever believes in that hopefully has drunk too many of our fine beers already!
The truth is, at the hop harvest only female plants are considered for the beer production. The Dolden is the flower of the plant that is used for brewing beer. And that’s how we came up with our name … Dolden Mädel Brewery.

But now … enough of the forewords … Come over, eat, drink and have fun!


Craft Beer

We love Craft Beer. Artisanal beers brewed by people, for who brewing is more than just a job. A centuries-old tradition matched with innovation, sometimes a bit of craziness and courage. This is what defines our breweries and their artisans and bestowes Dolden Mädel with the most diverse and unique beers. You can be sure that we will serve you the finest beers only.

For us service is more than just a job. Hospitality is our driving force and quality products are our base. If you feel good, we feel good.

We look forward to seeing you at Dolden Mädel.